EartheArts is an evolving tapestry of joyful living experiences in harmony with the Earth.

We are cultivating vibrant aliveness through gardens, herbs, movement, music, art, craft.

We are gathering together, empowering each other to re-connect with your own precious piece of Earth – your  body – and it’s energetic connection to Life.


Qigong offers a practical way to care for our own body/mind/spirit. As we practice cultivating healthy energy flow in our own lives, we contribute also to the health of those around us.

Qigong freed me from migraine headaches and started me on a journey of relaxing into life with more strength, flexibility and enjoyment. I began sharing what I had learned and have continued leading classes over the past 20 or so years. One of the most rewarding aspects of this is witnessing people becoming empowered in their health and their lives.

I have learned from several different teachers and have built on my own life experiences in movement, music, gardening, herbal medicine, sound healing and energy work.