is an evolving tapestry of joyful living experiences in harmony with the Earth.

We are cultivating vibrant aliveness through gardens, herbs, movement, music, art, craft.

We are gathering together, empowering each other to re-connect with your  own precious piece of Earth – your  body – and it’s energetic connection to Life.

EartheArts: embodying heaven on earth

I was given the name, EartheArts, and the tagline, “embodying heaven on earth”, when I was asking my inner being the question: How do I put all my varied interests and knowledge and experience under one umbrella? What is it that I can offer and contribute?

This is some of what came to me: Art, Body, Life on Earth as a Divine being of light and love in a human form…now we need words to speak to us as we explore and experience and remember to re-create, to co-create the new Earth together.

We are each unique expressions of this divinity as humans, so our bodies look the same in some ways and different in other ways. The body is our form, our piece of Earth that we can live in, live from, live through and care for. So, how do we love our beautiful bodies and allow them to heal, to be healthy, to be whole, to be vital, vitalized, to be strong and flexible, beautiful…?!

Some experiences and skills that have helped me along my journey, I can pass on through workshops, classes and recordings.

I often talk of the body as a garden and in tending this garden, to approach it with the wonder that I have learned from spending a lot of time in gardens.The amazement at how these tiny seeds can do their thing: sprout, grow, expand, reach for the light, take in the light, give the light to the earth. They are very unique expressions of Heaven on Earth.

Beauty unfolds as they grow, bloom, make more seeds and return to the earth. Their form changes, then dies and their spirit lives through it all. Plants inspire us to connect with ever-changing life energy.

Then there is the garden and our participation in gardens. For it is through gardening that we can experience some of the wonders of life. By observing what the plants need and which plants we are supported by….like the green beans I love to eat, the berries that give me special vitamins and minerals that I need, or the herbs that make a tea that keeps me healthy, or the herbs that help me when I get an itchy rash and they clear it all up so I don’t feel so uncomfortable.There are so many ways to relate to the plants…through their beauty, their presence, through my attention to them,

So, I offer a variety of workshops and classes that are inspired by plants, gardens, sound and well-being. I hope to inspire you to find your own uniqueness and your own power to heal your body, to live in peace and joy and love, and to invite you to join in the co-creation of the New Earth