Burgoyne Bay path

Exploring the New

I moved to Salt Spring Island in the Fall and the forest paths have beckoned me outside in all weather to explore the island. Joining the hiking group was a great way to learn where to hike. There are many well-marked trails as well as paths and stairs to beaches. Several trails lead up a […]

ReSounding Joy

ReSounding Joy

I like singing, but not performing. I also like chanting, if I know the meaning of the words. I enjoy playing a musical instrument and finding ways to play with others. This fall, I had a chance to experience a new way of using sound and music: Sound Therapy with crystal singing bowls. I attended […]

What can you do with just 1 bowl?

What can you do with just one bowl? Quite a lot, it seems. Sometimes a perceived limit is just a structure to create onto. That is what I am discovering as I get to know my bowl and allow it to guide me. One bowl plays one tone, in this case G+40. It is slightly […]