World Sound Healing Day

We will join with Jonathan and Andi Goldman and others around the world with toning “Ah” in the spirit and intention of sounding love to the Earth.

  • Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • 1 – 2 pm
  • Program: Introduction; 5 minutes of toning “Ah”; Sound Bath; tea.
  • 180 Old Divide Road, Salt Spring Island, BC
  • RSVP as space is limited (Click RSVP button and leave a message on contact page)
Burgoyne Bay path

Exploring the New

I moved to Salt Spring Island in the Fall and the forest paths have beckoned me outside in all weather to explore the island. Joining the hiking group was a great way to learn where to hike. There are many well-marked trails as well as paths and stairs to beaches. Several trails lead up a […]

ReSounding Joy

ReSounding Joy

I like singing, but not performing. I also like chanting, if I know the meaning of the words. I enjoy playing a musical instrument and finding ways to play with others. This fall, I had a chance to experience a new way of using sound and music: Sound Therapy with crystal singing bowls. I attended […]

What can you do with just 1 bowl?

What can you do with just one bowl? Quite a lot, it seems. Sometimes a perceived limit is just a structure to create onto. That is what I am discovering as I get to know my bowl and allow it to guide me. One bowl plays one tone, in this case G+40. It is slightly […]