Local Herbs….Herbal Mentorship

Imagine having fresh herbs and herbal products locally… and having courses and workshops to help you learn to identify your backyard herbs and show you how to make your own home remedies and herbal foods.

These classes are offered when a plant is ready for harvesting. Get to know a plant by spending time with it right where it grows. Learn how to identify, harvest, process and use the plant in your daily life. We’ll harvest some if there is an abundant patch and take photos to help remember. Each class is about 1-2 hours and includes notes, photos, recipes and suggested uses.

Herbal Mentorship Course:

This is a mentorship program that offers guidance to those who want to dive into the world of herbs. The live course provides hands-on training with growing, harvesting, drying in a solar dryer and a variety of processes including tincturing, oils and salves, vinegars, oxymels, syrups, infusions, decoctions and more. Offered as a 5 session course over the season.

If you have questions, please send an email to Joy at info@earthearts.ca

You can learn some basic processes and see what new creations you will discover when you start experimenting in your own garden and kitchen.

Here are some comments from participants:

Joy, I can’t thank you enough for following through with your brainchild of this mentorship program that I am so happy to be a participant of. Your knowledge, connection and ease with the plants radiates a true fervor and excitement form you that is incredibly contagious. I’ve so enjoyed your natural caring and calm approach to sharing your plant wisdom, recipes and musings. Let me say that I’m truly grateful, the time was right for me to learn more about herbs and I feel armed and ready and now wait in anticipation of spring. Most of all, thank you for reigniting in me a love, respect and curiosity for all things green and your program necessitated setting aside a time with other wonderful women to share, ponder and create! Thank you!!! -Lorrie

Joy’s series of workshops was the perfect way to be introduced to the study of herbs. I am now able to identify and appreciate a number of the plants that grow all around me, know how to harvest and preserve them and have a variety of products on hand for personal use. The goldenrod tincture that we made was really appreciated this spring during allergy season. Joy’s knowledge and enthusiasm inspired me to want to learn more, as did getting together regularly with others and feeling part of an herbal community. -Diane

Thank you, Joy, for sharing your knowledge and years of experience growing and working with herbs. Your mentorship program was a great way for me to see (and taste!) many of the herbs that grow in my area and learn more about how to use them to nourish and support my family’s health. I always looked forward to our next monthly gathering. You covered a wide range and great depth of information, while still making it feel approachable and fun! I now feel very comfortable making all kinds of herbal preparations at home, and it feels great to have my cupboard stocked with herbal vinegars, tinctures and salves for the winter. -Lauren

Connecting with Plants

Connecting with Arnica spirit…

Today, I reached out to Arnica in gratitude for soothing my pain after falling on the ice. I asked to be connected for healing and felt the pain lift from my back as I was asking. 

Thank you, Arnica.

Arnica also said to hold my head up and stand tall. To breathe and be “equal” with this spirit that I am connecting with, not stooped down and pretending to be less than.

I can stand tall and know that we are connected by the LOVE that we both ARE.

Thank you, Arnica.