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Element: Metal      Organ: Lungs

In the Fall, the energy goes downward and inward. The dark seems to increase every day and we spend more time indoors. It is a good time to go inside ourselves; to “crystallize” our creations and refine our plans.

The energy of plants flows down to the roots and we find nourishment from the root vegetables. The smell of rotting leaves can bring back memories of leaf piles in childhood and the pungent taste of onions and garlic can also act as medicine to prevent or treat colds and flu.

Fall Season Workshop : Friday, Nov.18   9:30am – 12:30 pm

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This workshop includes:

    Qigong for Lungs:
  • Gentle movement to facilitate opening the lungs and improving the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.
  • Simple accupressure or qi massage activities you can do to unblock energy and enhance a healthy flow.
  • Visualization, meditation and healing sounds with focus on lung energy, health and vitality.
    Fall herbs:
  • Herbs in the fall season
  • Harvesting roots, drying and roasting
  • Harvesting and saving seeds; using seeds as food
  • Making an herbal Decoction
  • Choosing herbs and foods to nourish your body and support it through the seasonal changes


No previous experience necessary. Just come with an open mind and willingness to experience and engage with the energies of the fall season and to have fun together working with the herbs. If you have crystals that you want to place in the centrepiece, please bring them along.

The fee for the workshop is $47 and includes a decoction kit and notes so you can continue experimenting at home. We also have a private facebook group so we can continue to share experiences and questions or photos and support each other in our creations.

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Here is a video from a wonderful biologist/wild-crafter in Manitoba as she is interviewed about foraging in the fall.