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 Element: Earth   Organ: Spleen

 Attune to the energies of Earth and Late Summer with activities from Qigong and Herbal Medicine.

How can we make a smooth transition from summer play into fall activities…school, work, fitness programs, courses, or travel? It’s harvest season and Nature has provided a cornucopia of food in all colours, shapes and sizes. The days are getting shorter and cooler.

Earth energy grounds us and nourishes us to support the changes in our focus. Qigong and herbs and seasonal foods can help us enjoy and appreciate the new seasons.

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Late Summer Focus Workshop: 2015:

Fermenting Fun: Sat., Nov.14, 2015      2-4pm

Learn simple techniques for fermenting healthful, probiotic foods and beverages with Lauren Aarntzen, Holistic Nutritionist and Joy Cameron, Herbalist.

Make Kombucha and Sauerkraut and take home your first batch and starter.                      kombucha

Improve your digestion and enjoy new tastes.
Preserve your garden harvest without canning or freezing.

Workshop offered Sat., Nov.14

2-4pm Baltimore, ON   $35


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