daffodils in springfern


 The Element of Wood/ Organ: Liver

Are you ready for Spring? Have you been pouring over seed catalogues with dreams of the best garden ever?  Or do you feel “cabin fever” and just want to get outside into the sunshine and the green woods?

The Element of Wood shows us energy in the form of a young sapling shooting up new growth. It is the energy of renewal, rejoicing in new life, the seeds sprouting and green shoots bursting up through the dark soil. New beginnings and fresh energy flows like the sap rising in the maple trees…it is a sweet time of year.

The Liver and Gall Bladder are organs that are associated with the Wood Element in our bodies. In the Spring, we look for the green plants and herbs to  nourish and support the liver so it can do its “Spring cleaning” and clear the sluggishness of winter and prepare for the heat of Summer.

Spring weather brings us outside and we dance our visions around the Maypole like planting  seeds in a garden and tamping down the soil with hopes for abundant harvest in the fall.