Winter workshop

The Element of Water/ Organ:Kidney

How do you relate with Winter? Do you excitedly anticipate snow with thoughts of skiing down a mountainside in the sun or tramping quietly on snowshoes through the glistening forest? Or do you long for a trip to a tropical paradise for a sandy beach and a warm ocean dip…. Maybe both!

The Element of Water shows us energy in many different forms. We find beauty and inspiration in each one of them, from snow crystals, to frost patterns, to crashing waves to babbling brooks and glass calm lakes.

The Kidneys and Bladder are organs that regulate the flow of water (fluids) in our bodies. In the coldness of winter, we want to find ways to keep the kidneys warm, so our fluids can flow easily, and to nourish and strengthen the kidneys so we will be ready for the new cycle of Spring.

Winter Workshop: Friday, Dec.9, 9:30am-12:30pm     

ThisRegister HereWinter workshop workshop offers a variety of experiences to enhance your health and enjoyment of the winter season and learn some new tools:

  • Kidney qigong practices (no experience necessary): gentle movement, visualization, meditation, healing sounds and qi massage.
  • Introduction to the 5 Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to the season, the kidneys, to water, seasonal food and herbs.
  • Water-based herbal concoctions demystified: make an infusion, a decoction and a tea. Take home kit with your preparations and some extra herbs to experiment at home.
  • Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of music and song, with candlelight in the dark time of the year’s cycle.
  • Learn simple practices to transform fear (emotion associated with kidney)
  • Tuning into our body’s wisdom and the intelligence and amazing support of Nature in the seasons is important for our well-being and the Earth, too. In these workshops, we can connect with others and continue the conversation and creative sharing through a private facebook group.
  • We have fun; learning with all the senses and by direct experience
  • Join us for a magical and practical experience of the Winter/Water/Kidney/ Dark/ Quiet/Deep Nourish season
Where:  Grafton, ON (Directions given when you register)
When:  Friday, Dec.9, from 9:30am – 12:30 pm
Cost:  $47 (includes notes and herbal kit)
Bring:  an object that symbolizes winter for you

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