Sound Healing Session


Individual sound bath healing session…created for you and recorded for best listening quality and can be listened to as often as you like
Session offers a gentle sound bath with sound healing instruments.



We meet on Zoom, Skype or phone. Following our conversation, a recording will be created and emailed to you. This can be downloaded and listened to as often as you like.

Joy uses singing bowls, drum, gong, chimes and a variety of percussion instruments as well as voice and occasionally harp sounds to create a healing soundbath based on what emerges from our conversation and what your energy needs.

The sounds can help release stuck energy and relax the body, quiet the mind and allow the healing energy to do its work. Your role is to relax, enjoy the sounds and notice how you feel.

If you have questions, please send me a message on the Contact page.



1 review for Sound Healing Session

  1. Angela

    “I was surprised and delighted at the physical impact of the healing sounds that Joy played in my session – even over zoom. Joy’s intuition is unerring – the vibrations of each instrument plucked at tensions and closely-held energy – and I could feel myself relaxing, opening and stepping forward into a more creative, flowing, way of being.” Angela Smailes

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