Sound Healing Session


Individual sound bath healing session…about 45 minutes.
Session offers a gentle sound bath with sound healing instruments.



The session can be done in your own home and you can prepare a couch or chair that you can relax comfortably in. Sessions are offered on Zoom and recorded on zoom and phone. You will receive the recordings after the session in case you want to listen again.

In your first session, you will  be introduced to all the instruments; to hear their sound and feel how your body might respond. Then the sound bath begins and all you have to do is relax and listen.  Joy will play the different instruments and you may feel different sensations in your body. Don’t worry if you find yourself drifting off to sleep, as the key is to relax and allow your body to work with the energy in whatever way is best for you at the session.

If you can be comfortable with headphones or earbuds while listening, that will usually provide you with the best sound bath experience. Sometimes the sound will get cut out for a few moments on zoom, but the energy still flows.

You might want to have a blanket and pillow available for your comfort.  It is also recommended that you drink lots of water after a session, so you can have a glass ready.



1 review for Sound Healing Session

  1. Angela

    “I was surprised and delighted at the physical impact of the healing sounds that Joy played in my session – even over zoom. Joy’s intuition is unerring – the vibrations of each instrument plucked at tensions and closely-held energy – and I could feel myself relaxing, opening and stepping forward into a more creative, flowing, way of being.” Angela Smailes

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